Five Factors to Consider Before Renting a Self-Storage Unit

Published on 11/10/2021
1. Storage Facility Security

Green and tan storage units behind a secure black fence
Knowing that your belongings are safe and secure is a top priority and will give you the peace of mind so that you are not always worrying about your stuff. Paying close attention to storage facility security features is important. Look for:
  • Security cameras
  • Fence around storage facility
  • How well the storage units are constructed.
  • Locks on the storage units (don’t use bolt locks that can easily be cut)
  • Code-locked gate at storage facility entrance
  • Good lighting inside and out of storage units
  • Neighborhood around where storage facility is located
Don’t be afraid to ask the staff about the security measures that their storage facility offers.

2. Storage Facility Cleanliness

Two rows of brick storage units with blue doors
Along with storage facility security, make sure that your valuables will be kept clean and in good condition by evaluating the cleanliness of the facility before renting a storage unit. Tour the storage facility and the individual storage units to make sure everything is orderly and neat. You will want to make sure your storage unit is protected from the elements such as moisture, dirt, and floods, as well as from mice and other rodents.

3. After Hours Storage Facility Access & Assistance

Security code pad for a self storage facility
Before renting a storage unit, make sure you will have access to your stuff year round and that the storage facility staff will be good to work with. There is nothing more frustrating than needing something from your storage unit, driving across town to go get it, and then being stopped at the gate because of storage facility access problems. These types of things can be eliminated with a little foresight and evaluation.

4. Self Storage Insurance

Fire department responding to a fire with a large smoke cloud
Some storage facilities will offer Self Storage Insurance to add an extra layer of security knowing your items are protected. Check with each owner to see what the storage facility offers as way of insurance. While an important factor to consider, if your storage facility meets all other criteria this may not be a deal-breaker.

5. Climate Controlled Storage Facility

Indoor, climate-controlled self storage facility
One last thing that would be important to keep in mind is the actual items you are planning on storing in your storage unit. Questions you should ask yourself: How long am I planning on storing my items? Are these belongings heat/cold sensitive? Is it worth a little extra money to make sure my stuff is protected from the elements?

Items that might require climate sensitive storage include:
  • Electronics
  • Business Documents
  • Family Heirlooms
  • Vehicles
  • Valuable Art (Paintings & Photography)
  • Furniture
If you have any questions about whether or not climate controlled storage is for you, feel free to call or email us!

Choosing the right storage facility to rent a storage unit from is like choosing a good landlord. It will save you time and headaches in the future and make the entire experience more enjoyable. Hopefully, this will give you an idea of what to look for when choosing the storage that works for you!